A Confession…

Yesterday I sent an email letting you know about my recent move, and
how I was able to utilize ACT! to efficiently communicate my new
contact details to my customers, and how you can do the same.

Many of you replied, sharing your own stories (some of you are quite

As you may have experienced moving can be a bit hectic, and after I sent the message yesterday I was reminded of the third party tool I used to send the message.

> > > http://www.actasap.net/spe

Please forgive me for omitting that all important part.  Feel free to
checkout this page to see if it might be useful to you.  It does the
sending of the messages for you, records a history, and even ranks
contacts based on how they interacted with the email.  Signup for the trial.

> > > http://www.actasap.net/spe

Warmest Regards From Cleveland, Ohio . . .


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